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Monday, May 6, 2013

I Have a Favor to Ask... and Rolex/KY Preview!

Well, I'm back from Kentucky and of course I had a PHENOMENAL time... looking forward to telling you all about it, just as soon as I can download pictures from my new camera! In the meantime, I have an announcement: My Rolex trip was not "strictly pleasure." I have a new freelance job and I was doing a little business for them while I was gone.

I'm sure you know what this is...
Phew, I can smell it from here. Not to mention, all that manure had to get from the stalls to the pile somehow. How many teetering wheelbarrows full of poop have you accidentally dumped? I can remember crying a couple times when I did just that as a kid. Nothing like half an hour of hard work winding up back on the ground.

Nope, there's definitely a better way than wheelbarrows. As far as that stinky pile, there are many things you can do with your horse manure. Keep heaping up the teetering mound and hope it doesn't burst into flames, have it hauled away, properly compost it or - spread it on your fields, before or after composting.

And speaking of manure spreaders, guess who is the new Public Relations Consultant for one of the companies that makes them, Millcreek Spreaders?

I will spare you any further commercials, but suffice it say, this company is run by great people and they make a great product (with an excellent warranty) right here in the USA. I am proud to be working for them.

Here's where you, my faithful blog readers, come in. If you're on Facebook, I would be extremely grateful if you could visit the brand-new Millcreek Spreaders Facebook page and "Like" it. They had zero social media so I'm starting from scratch. Hopefully you'll enjoy the content I'm posting or sharing, so please feel free to like that and/or share it as well.

In addition to that, or if you're not on Facebook, I'd love to get your answers to a few questions. Grassroots marketing survey!

1) Have you heard of Millcreek Spreaders? If so, how?
2) Have you ever used any kind of spreader? What brand? What did you like/dislike about it?
3) If you were in the market for a spreader, how would these factors rank in your consideration:
- Recommendation from a friend
- Quality
- Price
- Ease of use
- Reputation of company
- Celebrity endorsement
4) Where might you research your purchase? E.g. online via website, Facebook, ask a friend, etc.

And finally, how would you like to win an iPad Mini? Millcreek is a sponsor of the Riders4Helmets iPad Giveaway! They had a booth at Rolex and were taking entries there, but luckily you can also enter on their website. They're giving away a body protector and a bunch of gorgeous helmets, too!

THANK YOU for taking the time to do any of these things. It will really help me out! I already know a lot more about poop-flinging than I used to, that's for sure. ;-)

*     *    *

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming. A little taste of what I saw in Lexington: