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Friday, April 22, 2011

Is This Not the CUTEST?!?!?

Obviously, this has nothing whatsoever to do with my life as a rider,* but I just had to share this darling photo of my favorite retired race mare (Copyright Mathea Kelley, courtesy of Queen Zenyatta has had her photo taken literally millions of times, I'm sure, and I've seen a whole lot of them, but I think this one of her in mid-chew is really priceless! It was taken at her recent birthday party at Lane's End, where she was served lots of her favorite carrots with the fronds still attached. I think some of her human family and friends were walking away and she has the expression of, "Wait, where are you going, I wasn't done eating yet!"  Whatta gal.

I wish we would be told if they're going to try and re-breed her to Bernardini this year, or if she'll spend the next nine months just hanging out and being a horse. Earlier in this series of photos there is one of her covered in mud just coming out of the paddock (she had a bath before her party). I thought that was pretty great, too. I wish all TBs could retire to verdant pastures where they could run, play, roll and graze to their heart's content.

Of course, another fun option for Zenny would be to "test breed" her to a handsome WB stallion for what would absolutely be a killer sporthorse baby. We can dream, right? :-)

* I have been thinking lately that in addition to posting entries about childhood/past riding experiences, I will start doing some posts on more current equine-related thoughts, activities and situations. I keep having things I want to discuss with fellow horse lovers, and since my "riding friend" facetime is limited to just a couple hours a week, I have a lot bottled up. Poor friend, I yap her ears off every week as it is! I don't think too many people are actually reading this blog, but at least I'll have the chance to write stuff down and have my say.

Like, I'm pretty excited about the Derby this year, since for a while now I've been following the Trail very closely. I started reading Bloodhorse mag and the Thoroughbred Times websites almost on a daily basis, and really have kept up with the current pack of top 3-year-olds. I certainly can't compete with my Facebook "Friend" Steve Haskin, the acclaimed turfwriter, but be looking for the Official RiderWriter Derby Predictions, once we know exactly who (hopefully) will be standing in the starting gate two weeks from tomorrow!

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