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Monday, October 24, 2011


I just had to share two more photos of a certain family member, in a very typical pose:
In case you can't see that very well, here's a closer look:
Whenever I leave the vehicle, Sunny will establish herself in whatever corner of my van that's closest to where I went. In this case, it was the front door of the library, and I walked away directly from the driver's side. If I go around the van and take off in the opposite direction at a ninety-degree angle she'll be on the passenger side. If I get out and walk away in another direction at a different angle, she'll be in the second or third row, nose pressed to the glass. Needless to say, my windows always need cleaning... ;-) When I have parked nose-in to a storefront, like at our Chinese restaurant, she will sit in my seat and just stare out the front window. This tends to crack people up, and they make comments like, "That dog's driving that car!"

This sight gladdens my heart every time I return to the car. You often can't really see her eyes or her head, but that beautiful white stripe and muzzle are always visible. It's nice to be missed and needed. Thanks, Pup!

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