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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Trip to the Bluegrass '11

Whew.... some of you already know what I was up to this past weekend, and I have also mentioned here where I was going. I went to "Mecca," a.k.a. Lexington, KY! I am under strict orders to hurry up and blog about my experiences, so I'm posting today simply to let you know what's coming. I am too darn tired at the moment to do much of anything else - pretty much operating "punch drunk" after seven hours of driving yesterday and then five hours of sleep last night when I was too wired from the unaccustomed coffee - and I also have to sort through the 200+ photos and videos I took. There would have been even more photos and video but I ran out of disk space on my iPhone. It's okay, I got the important stuff!

I am planning to write about my trip from A - Z (remember that...). Here are the main events:

- $250,000 Alltech National Horse Show Grand Prix
- Visit to a fellow blogger's barn to meet her OTTB boys
- ASPCA Maclay National Horsemanship Finals
- Visit to a Very Famous Equine Retirement Farm, where I met a horse who made me cry, a lot
- Visit to a Very Famous TB Breeding/Racing Farm (think recent Derby winner!)
- Visit to a Sort of Famous and Totally Responsible TB Breeding/Racing Farm

Do you think I crammed enough into 48 hours, or what???? ;-)

Just to whet your appetites, here are a few photos, with some hints about where I was/who I saw. See if you can guess!


Ok, that's all for today but hopefully I can get started with the real blogging tomorrow!

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