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Monday, December 19, 2011

Want To Win A New Hunt Coat?

[Note: No, I'm not dead, just crazy busy working my two jobs and trying to get ready for Christmas. Typical multi-tasking female! I'm supposed to ordering some last-minute gifts online right this minute, and instead I'm reading blogs and posting this 'cuz I'd really like to win this coat myself. ;-)]

Check this out:

In return for something as simple as "Liking" Hayward on Facebook (which I'm off to do as soon as I'm done typing here), or posting the above link to your own blog, you are entered to win a gorgeous semi-custom hunt coat from Hayward (retail value $450).

Pretty nice, eh? And get this, they're machine-washable! I'd settle for one that just fits me properly. Apparently equestriennes are not supposed to have much of a bust, since in order to accomodate mine (and I'm no Dolly Parton) I had to buy an enormous size and have the waist tailored. I tried my very best to explain to the nice Asian lady at the drycleaner that it was not a regular item of apparel and meant for horseback riding/showing, but I still got it back a good 2" too big. Sleek it is not. Somehow I think Hayward would do a lot better!  

(And by the way, that post on Get My Fix is hilarious. I simply can't imagine walking into "a place like that" - I think I'd faint dead away from embarrassment!)

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