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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

These Boots Were NOT Made For Ridin' - UPDATE!

I have enjoyed my pseudo riding boots so much that when I found a similar pair in brown at Target, while boot shopping for my daughter before Christmas, I had to try them on. They fit in the calf - astoundingly - but that store didn't have my size. I went off and forgot all about them... until yesterday, when I had occasion to visit I wondered if they might still have the boots and lo and behold, a store in the St. Louis area DID. I'm still trying to decide if I want to make the hour and a half round trip to pick them up.
Yes, very similar indeed to my other boots but the brown color is nice (no photo of those I can grab).
In the meantime, I went back to and read the reviews on these boots. I couldn't believe it when I got to this one (copied and pasted, complete with misspellings):

I was looking for something cheap for the few equestrian show I do, and sort of sad that these weren't as great as I thought. Definately going to buy real leather boots for my hunter shows. These are good for simple fall fashion. For me, the calf was a bit too wide, but I like where the zipper stops. Love the almond toe. The top half just it kinda floppy and looks all right for being a cheaper boot. Just need to break them in. Not bad enough I would ever return them becuase they do serve a good purpose. see less

I am dumbfounded, to say the least. Your eyes are not deceiving you - YES, this girl actually thought she could wear them into the show ring! I realize that not everyone will be cantering around the Dixon Oval, but for heaven's sake, even someone attending a local fun show should probably realize that fashion boots from Target are not going to fly. The fact that she specifically mentions attending "hunter shows" is even scarier. I don't think she's been to very many if she thinks that people wear boots with floppy, foldable tops, metal on the heels (I suppose they look a bit like spurs?) and two straps around the ankles when they are actually mounted and not serving as spectators.

This decides it - I'm definitely dragging my relics out of the closet, complete with manure-filled treads, and wearing them to the office. They are real leather, after all, so they must be correct...

(Note: I do plan to wear my real tall(ish) boots to work next October, when I dress up as the Lone Ranger for Halloween. I've done that costume in the past and it was a big hit, although it's more effective when I bring my husband along as a reluctant Tonto. Outside of my lone fellow equestrian, nobody is going to notice the boots are too short.)

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