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Friday, June 28, 2013

IRH IR4G Riding Helmet

I fully intend to continue my KY/Rolex travelogue (when I have time), but I have to interrupt and tell you that I finally bought a new helmet and I LOVE IT!!!! Believe me, it's been a long road and a LOT of looking but I'm very happy with what I got. In case you think I haven't done my homework, here's how it went:

I made the mistake of trying this on first, at the WEG in 2010. You probably recognize the Charles Owen AYR8. Of course I loved it and it fit great. Problem: way too much $$$.
So then I went to the local tack shop, where I found this, the Ovation Deluxe Schooler. This is a very popular helmet, and it also looked and felt great. It is also a very good price, only $50.00

I was on the verge of buying one of these when I decided I really, truly wanted something a little more upscale that wasn't billed as for the "entry-level rider," and that I'd be happy to show in (what can I say, I'm not even riding right now, much less showing, but I like to plan ahead :-)). So I did some more looking online/in catalogs and thought this IRH Elite would be good:
When I tried this on, however, it didn't fit. Ugh. But this other kind of IRH, the ATH SSV, did fit and looked pretty good. Seemed like it might be a bit hot, though. My current helmet is so well-ventilated that I've been spoiled.
This is where I left things for quite a while. I looked at sales now and then trying to find a killer deal on the SSV but nothing really came up. Then I thought I'd wait until International Helmet Awareness Day (IHAD). Then, only a month or so ago, along came the new Dover catalog, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a brand-new offering from IRH that was a perfect copy (they're good at that) of the One-K (out of my price range). Hmm... I was VERY interested.

I was even more interested when I visited the Riding Warehouse website for the first time (I think I Googled the name of the helmet, or followed a link from somewhere - not sure) and found the helmet for $30 less than Dover's price. AND - yes, they were discounting them further on IHAD! SOLD. Even though I'd never seen one in person, or tried one on, I had to have it. If it didn't fit it would go back, no matter how great it looked, as I'm not up for taking chances with my head.

It came today, and pending a test ride, I have to tell you I am THRILLED. It fits and looks great, snug but not headsplittingly-tight, and no mushroom head - really comes down nicely on the noggin. The harness is comfy and easily adjustable. It seems to be very well-ventilated. Here's an amazing thing: I knew the liner was removable, but it actually comes with an extra liner, which will certainly come in handy for really hot days! It also came in a nice drawstring bag. Again, I haven't actually ridden in the thing yet but I will be sure to report on performance when I do. As for now I could not be more pleased!

P.S. If you want one of these helmets, hurry up and call Riding Warehouse as their current stock is very limited. State Line Tack also has them for a good price as well, though.


  1. The extra helmet liner is a great idea! I wish I had one for my helmet. I have a Charles Owen, but instead of having the expensive one, I got the "junior" version. Fits my head great, and it's half the price.

  2. Have you seen any of the European helmet designs? I just ordered a Casco helmet from a site in the UK, in grey--like you, I am partial to grey--that also has changeable stripes in different colors. I hope it fits well, I've never tried a Casco helmet on, or even seen one before. CAVALLO magazine calls the Casco helmets the best in Europe, and Carl Hester wears one. Let me know, and I can email you a pic of the helmet.

    Also, when you agreed with my HORSE NATION post, about Jennifer Gates, I came to your blog and joined. I, too, have a BA degree in Journalism and Public Communications, and worked as a published mystery writer. Not any more, though; now it's all horses, all day, every day.

  3. I'm trying to get my comments to reflect another name, and hope it's taking the right one, now. Please ignore this comment.

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