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Friday, March 9, 2012

Equine Royalty

Happy tears of joy were the result when I found this photo on Twitter this morning:
Photo by Ann Moss/Courtesy of
In case you haven't heard, Baby Boy Bernardini - Zenyatta, by Street Cry was born last night at 10:10 pm, at Lanes End Farm in Lexington, KY. The colt weighed 130 lbs. - quite large for a TB foal, but about what his momma weighed at her own birth. I am just so thrilled and relieved that both are well and healthy, and have gone around all day with a grin when I think about this picture. Leave it to Zenny to make becoming a mother look as easy as winning all those races! :-) Doesn't she have the sweetest, calmest expression on her face?

Here's a short video of mother and son as well - I don't think he had even been up yet. Z has always been a "licker" so that part of motherhood also came naturally: Video of Z and Baby

Is the little guy not the CUTEST??? What a perfect star, and how about those ears... somehow I doubt the farm folks will have any trouble keeping track of just whose baby he is. Not that they're likely to misplace a foal who's probably worth around $10 million!

This colt is not going to be for sale, however. I have learned that Jerry and Ann Moss, Zenny's owners, will be keeping Zenardini? Zendini? and eventually racing him for their stable. That suits me just fine, because I think the world of their trainer John Shirreffs. He's the genius who decided that they needed to let the big filly mature and not race as a two-year-old. That certainly proved to be the right decision for Zenyatta, and I do wish all TBs were accorded that extra time to grow up before hitting the track.

It will be really interesting to see what becomes of this little fellow. IF he is a big success in racing, and good enough to stand stud, I bet the Mosses will part with him then because I don't believe they own any stallions. If he's not that great, perhaps he'll be gelded and turned over to someone as the world's most famous sporthorse. Or how about becoming a goodwill ambassador for the racing industry? Poor baby, he's got awfully big hoof prints to fill. No matter what happens he will spend his life being compared to his famous father and really famous mother.

Speaking of fame, it still irks me that Z is stashed away so securely at Lanes End, far from her legions of fans. Even Rachel Alexandra is allowed to have visitors, but not Zenny. At least John Shirreff's wife Dottie does a good job ghostwriting Z's online "diary" ( and publishing photos, but I (and a lot of others) wish that some day I would be allowed to see her in person. Maybe things will be a bit more relaxed in the future... I can only hope.

In the human world, it's customary to throw baby showers. This new arrival and his mom will doubtless receive a ton of mail and other items there at the farm (don't send the Guinness quite yet, she's still a nursing mother!). However, someone has had the brilliant idea that the best way to honor Zenyatta's big achievement is by making a donation to one of the charities she (and the Mosses) support. Here's a site with more details.

You may notice that one of my favorite equine charities, Old Friends Equine Retirement, is on the list. The Mosses have been heavily involved with OF since its start, and purchased and donated the third stallion ever to be retired there (Ruhlmann). I really hope that this virtual baby shower is a huge success and some worthy causes receive much-needed funds!

Heartfelt congratulations to Zenyatta, the Mosses, her entire team and everyone involved in her care (I for one would be scared out of my wits to be in charge of her). The colt is absolutely gorgeous and I can't wait to see him frolicking at his mother's side! 

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  1. Bernardyatta! LOL. I wonder what they will name him, seriously?!

    I can't wait to see him run. I will be following him quite eagerly when he goes into training. I think he's the right mix of the 2 best horses in recent history. Although I still think they should have bred her to Blame.

    Anyway, this colt, hopefully, will be even better than his parents. Can't wait to see!

    Great post!


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