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Friday, March 2, 2012

Tomorrow Is The Day

Here's a hint:
Dover Circuit Elite, purchased in 2000. Not a bad-looking ride at all (I have always gotten compliments) and pretty comfy.
Is this not the very BEST kind of mess to have on one's kitchen floor??? *big cheesy grin* As you might guess, all of this was out because I'm getting ready for my first hunter lesson in at least five years, and it's taking place tomorrow afternoon. GULP!

I am never happier than when wallowing in leather, Neatsfoot oil, Lexol and all my riding goodies, especially my saddle. You can catch of a glimpse of my lovely carrying case for that on the floor behind it. It's fleece-lined and hunter green, with navy straps bordered in burgundy and my initials in burgundy. I luuuurv it and it's done a good job taking care of My Precious while that has been out of use. As a strictly lesson-student rider when I was a kid, my secondary dream to having my own horse was at least having my own saddle. That was deemed too expensive and unnecessary, so finally acquiring one was a really big thing for me. This one is actually my second, but I'll write about my first saddle another time.

I oiled up the new stirrup leathers I got and they're still pretty stiff, but I guess I'll try them. They don't match the saddle terribly well, either but I expect nobody will notice. And hopefully not because they're busy laughing at Yours Truly!

I did go ahead and splurge on a new pair of half chaps. I went to the tack shop with the intention of purchasing some inexpensive faux-leather Ovations, but those didn't fit too great, so the sales girl said, "Why don't you try the Elites?" They were twice as much money but definitely are better-made real leather, and they fit well. I wore them Wednesday to ride LiRoi and they worked pretty well. I have some little bruises on the insides of my knees, but I think once these break down in the ankles a bit all will be fine.

I thought about getting some other things (like a new saddle pad) but have convinced myself to wait and see what the barn provides. So much fun and so tempting, browsing through catalogs and online...

Wish me luck and all that because I know I'm going to be horribly rusty during my lesson, and one hurtin' puppy by Monday (two days later is always the worst after unaccustomed exercise). I'm very nervous but also can't wait! I'll be here blogging about the lesson as soon as I have time, providing my fingers still work. :-)


  1. Thanks everyone for the encouragement! :-) Post on the lesson coming today or tomorrow...


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