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Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'll Have Another ... Win?

I'm watching the Preakness pre-race coverage right now, and getting caught up with the goings-on in MD. I, like everyone else, am not sure of what will happen, but I have a few thoughts.

Can I'll Have Another do it again? Maybe. He's been training well and seems fit and happy. I wish him and Mario all the best and certainly HOPE they can do it, because US horseracing could really use the shot in the arm that a Triple Crown contender would bring. I'm just afraid the horse will run out of track in the shorter Preakness. Then we have Bodemeister. He led almost wire-to-wire in the Derby, and is clearly a special horse. He's got speed, that's for sure, and today he's got a shorter distance to go. But, the track is completely different shape-wise, and everyone else is going to be determined not to let him get away from them. Will his jockey try to rate him, or will they charge to the front and stay there? We shall see. Furthermore, this colt's schedule has been really tough this year. Nothing that race horses didn't do in the past, for sure - they used to be raced MUCH more and more often - but not what most horses do these days. Will the strategy pay off? Or will the horse already have peaked/be too tired?

Went The Day Well, my awardee for Best Name in this group, is one I really have my eye on today. He was closing like a freight train the Derby and looks better all the time. You know I love his trainer Graham Motion, and I will be thrilled if he wins another Triple Crown race. I have a feeling this horse is better suited to the Belmont, though.

The above three are EVERYONE'S favorites, and not hard to pick. However, if I was at Pimlico right now, who do you think I'd actually be betting on?

Cozzetti and Creative Cause.

Sorry, I'd give you a photo of Cozzetti, who I just found out about today, but I'm typing this on my new iPad and I can't figure out to do that yet. Since you're probably all going to watch the race I won't worry about it! You will also know why I like him... On the off chance you haven't seen Cozzetti, he's a breathtakingly beautiful rose grey. Big surprise, right? :-) I can't find out much about him, but he's certainly considered a long shot in this race. All the more reason for me to like him! And no, I haven't given up on the other gorgeous grey, Creative Cause. He could come on up and surprise everyone, too. What a treat for me, the grey TB lover, to have two such lovely animals to look at. Just watched the expert analysis/computerized race mockup. He says Bode all the way, and my greys nowhere. Post time is very soon and I think I'll set this aside for now. I'll be back after the race for a wrap-up!

YES!!! This is just great - I am so excited! WHAT A RACE, too, like an instant replay of the Derby! I really didn't think IHA had a chance to catch Bode. What a nice ride by Mario, too; I love to see a newcomer/underdog do well in a sporting event of any kind. I am waiting anxiously for word on Went The Day Well. 10th out of 11... Not good and certainly not what anyone expected. Sure hope he's okay... And what do you know, my grey CC came third! He ran a super race and I'm proud of him. I would have made a little dough on him (it would have been a WPS bet). I'll be interested to see if he tries the Belmont. I think he has the pedigree to get a mile and a half. One thing's for sure - if IHA comes out of this race well, HE has the pedigree! Triple Crown hope lives!

P.S. I'm sorry if this posts all in one paragraph, which is what the preview is showing. Another iPad glitch, maybe? At least it's better than losing the whole thing like my phone did!


  1. I really, really, *really* enjoyed that race. For years my betting strategy was to go with the Santa Anita Derby winner if only because I knew I'd have a chance to see him in person later in the season. That kind of fell by the wayside after I moved away. Still, I am glad to embrace the old tradition! I'll Have Another looked spectacular and ran like a million bucks. Here's hoping he can do it again in three weeks!

    (And even if he doesn't, it makes my heart happy watching Lava Man lead him to the post!)

  2. I had the same paragraph problem with Blogger, too! You have to go into your settings and change something simple; I can't recall what. I just googled "how to make paragraphs in Blogger" and came up with my answer. Good luck! : )


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