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Thursday, May 3, 2012

You Wil Want 2 Scream

Once again, I feel obligated to share a Craig's List gem, courtesy of the Fugly blog. As usual, this is about 200 kinds of wrong, beginning with the baffling text-speak punctuation-less stream of thought description of the fine equine and ending with the fact that the guy holding the being ridden, not-yet-two-year-old filly is the child's grandfather. Whoo-eee... pardon me if I'm supercilious, but I'm smelling "breeding error" here and I don't mean the horse. :-/

Here you go...

Don't know how long that will stay up, so here's the text and photos:
hi i have a kids saddle and a mare horse i would like 2 trade blaz is goin 2 be 2 in may she has had a saddle on her and started workin with the bite in her mouth she dont kick she loves 2 be brushed she will come 2 u in the pasture im lookin for for a pony that is rideable i already have one that is rideable just lookin for another one that is rideable blaze is a great horse just need somethin for kids 2 ride that they aint fightin over one horse lol she hasnt had her shots like i said we just started workin with her she is a good horse she will be a big horse she is easy 2 work with but she dont like the bridal at all that is my dad in the pic helpin us work with her and the only person been on her back is my son as u can seei will let her saddle bridal go with her 2 i just want another minnie for my kids 2 ride a good deal

Talk about contradictions: "She will be a big horse." Really? She's almost two and looks to be well under 15hh., but what do I know...
Also, "She is easy to work with but she dont like the bridal at all." Hmm. Yep, sounds easy to me. Of course, the size of this poor girl may well have something to do with lack of care, given the wormy-looking belly and mile-long hooves.

Here's something I want to know: how come people are always wanting to trade their unbroken horse for one that is already trained in their chosen discipline? Do they really think other owners are that stupid? "Hey, I got it - let's swap Bombproof Reliable Trail Pony who we paid someone lots of money to train for a stunted 2-year-old that's barely halter-broke and a saddle from Craptackistan! Hella deal, right?"

I think I will hav to rite an intire blog post in the same way as this person as Im just dying to try it out and see how the other haf lives in a wurld free of speling and pereids and exclamatin marks and all that other stoopid stuf that som ppl think u need 2 use when u r riting sumthin 4 others 2 read

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