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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The One Where I Want To Punch Something

Dear readers, RiderWriter is pretty angry right now.


Because I just opened FB to discover a post from Chronicle of the Horse, with a link to an article about Kelley Farmer debuting some new Hunter Derby horses this past weekend. How nice for her but big deal, right? Well, it WAS a big deal when I read the rest of the title:

Kelley Farmer Has A New Crop In Action At Lake St. Louis Hunter Derby


Needless to say, I was not there. Oh, no, I was sitting in my house not doing much of anything, completely oblivious to the fact that there was a $25,000 USHJA Hunter Derby going on 10 minutes away. Which would have been only the second real Derby I've ever gotten to see, having enjoyed every second of the first one. And where Kelley Farmer showed up, all the way from Wellington, to win the thing with her top horse Taken and roll out her new ones.

I am just ill. 
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's Kelley and Taken. The ones I didn't see win. 
Now, I did know that there was a H/J horse show this weekend. I'd seen the trailers on our main drag, and I do try to keep up with the schedule at the National Equestrian Center. But I thought it was just another Winter Series show, not a big whoop-de-doo with a HUNTER DERBY.

*Goes off to stomp something, and breathe into a paper bag*

Just so you all know what I missed, here's the article. Have fun reading it. I'll have to settle for hoping you would have enjoyed my write-up, too, had I simply been there. I tried to call the NEC to see if they might be doing any more of these any time soon/the next six months, but they're on holiday break. Take it from me, there was no mention of this event on their stupid website. It's not helping that I already missed the other big Derby this year, too, at the Charity Show because of "something" I had to do at the same time. I forget what it was but I hope it was important!

Alright, I guess I've calmed down now. My blog has to be good for something. :-) It's only a horse show... And my next post will be about a really special horse show that I did go to! 


  1. Bummer, that would have been a great show to watch!

  2. Aw that sucks that you missed it! Derbies are so popular these days it seems like any big AA show has them. Hopefully you will catch another one soon with Kelley Farmer and even more BNRs!

  3. Sorry you missed it! Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your posts on my blog! Thanks..


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